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How to Make A Rain Boot Easter Basket

Posted by Kelsey McCormick on

Need a little Easter Inspo? We’ve got it in spades! Thanks to our incredible Lone Cone Community, we have a wealth of cute Rain Boot Easter Basket ideas to share. From tastefully minimalist to cute and colorful, we’ve got creative ideas for kids of all ages and interests!

Simple & Sophisticated
This adorable set of baskets was created by our ambassador, Robin Lloyd. She’s got three little ones who love to play outside and will make good use of the sweet butterfly nets she’s placed in the boots. To fill up these minimalist baskets she’s tucked in sweet little books and something soft to cuddle. We love the added touch of the primary colored wooden eggs too!

See more from Robin on Instagram at @themamaplaybook.

Color Coordinated

While it’s nice to be minimalist if you can, sometimes you can’t fit everything you want into a pair of rain boots – especially if your little ones are younger! This basket from our ambassador, Kelsie Stevens, makes the best of the boots and layers them with some essential art supplies and reading materials: a giant box of crayons, play-dough, and two kids books to foster their love of reading. She’s topped it off with some matching nail polish, a sweet bunny and, of course, bubbles – what kid doesn’t love bubbles?!

See more from Kelsie on Instagram @idahomeliving.

Bright & Bold

And finally, our most vibrant basket! We love the bright pops of color our friend, Amber Gauthier, incorporated in her rain boot baskets. They’re absolutely adorable and sure to bring smiles on Easter morning! Plus, these can easily be replicated with a quick trip to the dollar store or Target’s dollar bins (#momwin). These boots are filled with some of the Easter classics: Peeps, eggs, bubbles, Reese’s Pieces, bunny ears, and even a dino to match the boots!

See more from Amber on Instagram @_threelittlekittens_.

For more inspo, keep scrolling or head over to our Rain Boot Easter Basket Pinterest Gallery. We have so many more creative examples and will be adding new ideas all the way up until Easter!

Photo credits (left to right, from top): @queenofthebeehive, @lenakhash, @heycaitlyntorres, @smfrazer, @AshleyJTodd, @letsbegracefull, Rachna Patel (Ambassador), @eclectic.little.adventures, @twolittletaylors, @kindlykionna, @themamaplaybook, @idahomeliving, @_threelittlekittens, @queenofthebeehive, @queenofthebeehive, @queenofthebeehive, @t.mama.tx, @hippieayla, @moonfamilylife, @thefarmstyle, @raisingmytribe12, @heythereheeth, sk8vaallday, @livingwithburnettes, @livingwithburnettes

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