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Make the Most of Easter at Home

Posted by Kelsey McCormick on
This year Easter may look and feel a little different than what we’re used to, but it’s also an opportunity to create new traditions. We’ve been polling friends and co-workers to find out what they do for Easter and have come up with some pretty festive ideas to share. Easter at home may just be what we all need right now.

Our PR Manager, Elizabeth, has been holding practice egg hunts with her two boys, Jack and Charlie, for weeks in preparation for Easter. She actually does this every year to let them enjoy Easter a little longer, but it’s been especially helpful this year in getting them outside and keeping them busy while they’re stuck at home! You can put anything in the eggs or nothing at all. Her boys love hunting for eggs so much she doesn’t even have to fill them every time!
Our Founder, Annalisa, has a good friend that has a tradition of “planting” jelly beans in the yard the night before Easter. In the morning her kids head outside to see what has grown and find a fresh crop of lollipops! We’ve seen this called “Magic Jelly Beans” too – such a cute idea!

Another fun idea Annalisa heard from a friend was to create a jelly bean trail the night before Easter and let the kids follow it to their Easter Baskets. If you’re planning to give them little stuffed animals, it can also be fun to drop them in along the way so they can scoop them up!

And one of the cutest things we heard was that Annalisa’s kids always set out water and a carrot for the Easter Bunny to snack on while passing through. Just make sure to take a sip and a bite before they wake up!

For the main event, we love the idea of letting the kids go in shifts so that the littlest ones get a chance to find a few eggs first, or even putting eggs out for them in a separate part of the yard. We’ve filled eggs with: stickers, temporary tattoos, play-dough, dinosaurs, little cars, and of course some candy. If you have older kids, putting coins in the eggs can be so much fun! Once they open all of their eggs they get to add up their collections and it turns into a mini math lesson without anyone even knowing it! And then there’s the coveted Golden Egg. If you don’t already have one you can easily paint one ahead of Easter. It’s fun to fill the Golden Egg with a little something different – whether it’s a $5 bill or a larger toy or gift.

And if you’re making Rain Boot Easter Baskets this year, the kids will have so much fun pulling on their new boots as they head outside to hunt for eggs. Rain boots really are great year-round, but especially through spring when the ground begins to thaw and rain leaves puddles and mud aplenty. Annalisa keeps them right at her back door so whenever the kids are headed outside they can just grab them and go!

Hopefully these ideas bring a little something fresh to your Easter this year and smiles to your little ones’ faces. Making memories as a family is always something to celebrate and this year, it’s more important than ever.

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