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Annalisa's Holiday Wish List 2021

Posted by Kelsey McCormick on

Annalisa's Holiday Wish List 2021


The holidays are fast approaching and as you've probably heard supply chain issues may impact shopping this year. As a founder, I can assure you this is true, as we've seen it ourselves here at Lone Cone. My advice is to shop early, and maybe even rethink some of your gifting this year, that's what I've decided to do! 

This year we decided to focus less on "stuff" and opted for experience-based gifts. Our big gift will be to take a family trip next June to Costa Rica. Not sure who's going to be more excited about this - us or the kids! Since my kiddos are getting a little older they're each getting to plan an activity for the trip as one of their gifts too - and I love that this means they have to go online and do a little research too! 

There are really so many options for experience-based gifts, and these gifts can be great for year-round fun! Some of my faves include annual passes to your local zoo or aquarium, tickets to the trampoline park, or even items that help get kids outside and active like our Rain or Mudboots. With winter settling in, the biggest hurdle to getting kids outside is usually quality gear. If they're warm and cozy they can play for hours!  

I also love the idea of getting kids camping gear, it's just another great way to encourage outdoor play time. My kids needed new sleeping bags and I love these options from Nemo. But a little lantern or new flashlights are always fun too - and make great stocking stuffers!  

Craft kits and supplies are another great experience gift idea for winter days inside. This year my kiddos are getting these make your own clay charm kits and a diy terrarium night light.  I also decided to make my own craft kit of sorts for my daughters who love our Foothill Toy Co Matchbox Mice. They're getting washi tape, craft paper, glue sticks, yarn, toilet paper rolls, and a DIY Build Your Own Dollhouse book to help spark some creative ideas for their own mouse house!  


NEMO Sleeping Bags

Charm Bracelets

Lone Cone Mudboots


Night Light

Kids Lantern

Foothill Toy Co. Matchbox Mice

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