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10 Creative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas to Try in 2022

easter egg hunt ideas 2022 from lone cone

One of the most exciting parts of Easter Day has to be the much-anticipated Easter Egg Hunt. We’ll always be a fan of the traditional egg hunt, but lately we’ve been thinking about ways to mix it up and make the hunt more interactive and interesting. These new Easter egg hunt ideas for kids encourage them to spend more time outdoors and exercise their imagination and critical thinking skills — something Lone Cone can always get behind.

Don’t forget your boots! They make for the best hunting gear.    

Check out these fun and creative egg hunt ideas for Easter 2022: 

Drag each row to the left with your mouse or use your finger on mobile to scroll and view all the ideas.

Let us know which one of these cool new Easter egg hunt ideas you try this year, and don’t forget to tag us @loneconeshop.