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Last Minute Easter Gifts For All

Posted by Kelsey McCormick on

If Easter has thrown you off this year, you’re not alone. We all have a lot going on, whether you’re balancing working and virtual school, homeschooling, or just realized that Easter is a little early this year. Thankfully, kids really don’t need much to be happy - they find joy in the smallest things! So whether you’re an Etsy fan or an Amazon loyalist, you can easily make Easter special with a few hand-picked items that your kids will adore.

Easter Basket Fillers
Here are a few fun ideas I’ve been eyeing this year for my own kids baskets. I always start with our Rain Boots (of course) and then fill them up with a few little treats that I know will bring big smiles!

One of our Ambassadors used these silks in her baskets this year in place of grass and I loved the idea. Less waste, less mess, and something the kids can run around the yard with!

Chocolate Bunnies
These Madelaine bunnies have been tried and tested by yours truly. They are delicious! If you want to skip the Hershey’s this year and indulge in some high quality chocolate these should be on your list!

Easter Books
You can never have too many books! Our partner @HeyThereHeatherCo has pulled together an incredible list of Easter books to choose from. From The Easter Unicorn to Cat and Bunny, she’s got options for everyone - check them all out here!

Little sunglasses
If they’re going to be out playing all spring a pair of sunglasses is the perfect addition to your Easter baskets! You can find these flower ones on Etsy!

Matchbox Friends
We’re big on imaginative play at my house and my kids love these matchbox friends from our sister company Foothill Toy Co. Hopper the Garden Rabbit is probably my fave for Easter and he fits right in most of our boots!


Egg Hunt Goodies

Two reasons to check these egg hunting kits out.
1. Who has time to go find the perfect egg fillers?
2. These are just so unique and different from everything else you can find!
Our Ambassador Kelly O. makes these sweet kits and they are pure Easter magic!

Glow eggs are another fun way to change things up for Easter. We tried something similar out for Halloween this year and our kids went crazy for it! You’ll have to hold the kids off until it gets dark but it may be worth it!


Egg Decorating
These egg spinning kits hit my feed this year and I had to try them! If your kids are looking for a new way to decorate eggs, this is my favorite find!
And if you’re looking for a more natural option these kits look amazing! They come with powders made of all natural and organic vegetable & plant extracts and include seeds so your kids can plant their own grass in the container after!
I hope these finds make Easter a little easier on all you busy bunnies out there. Remember to take a deep breath, and give yourself credit for all you're doing. Easter will be magical whether you go big or keep it small.

-Annalisa DeMarta, Founder of Lone Cone + Mom of Three

Photo credits top to bottom: @Lauraeagabaphotography, @Heythereheatherco, @Wildmaedesign, @Bondbeautyful

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