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DIY Rain Boot Easter Baskets

Posted by Kelsey McCormick on

Updated: Apr 1

Rain Boot Easter baskets have been trending the past couple of years and we work with some incredibly talented partners who love to make them! One of our favorite Ambassadors, Robin Lloyd, is such a pro she even has a go-to list she uses to make it easier on herself. Total #momhack. Read on for some great tips and tricks from Robin on how to make your own Rain Boot Easter basket in just minutes!

Spring is the perfect time for a fresh new pair of boots, and what better way to give them than as an Easter basket! My kids are always eager to explore as the weather starts to warm up, and they love the tradition of finding their little Easter treasures in their new boots each year.

Now, I’d love to be that mom that is always super prepared and ahead of the game, but, I’m not! Ha. However, something I love about doing Easter boot baskets is that it is SO easy to grab a few things and make a super cute personalized Easter boot basket in moments!

Over the years I’ve come up with a plan to put together our Easter boots quickly with things my kids will use for play through the year. Personally, I really enjoy filling their Easter boots with items that we can use to explore and in our play for months to come. I find that the little trinkets tend to be lost quickly in the fray, and just end up as general clutter.

I also try to sta
y away from easter grass, it just gets everywhere and I don’t want our pets (or kids!) eating it! I try to find creative alternatives to use instead. Last year I used edible fake grass, but that also got everywhere. This year I am using play silks to stuff our baskets. I love the way they look in the boots and know that they will provide countless hours of creative play, not to mention they won’t leave a mess everywhere. Win-win!

I try to fill their boots with a mix of items for personal use and family enjoyment together. To put together the items quickly, I have made myself this little checklist to get my brain juices flowing. (Bonus: all of these things can be ordered from Amazon at the same time you order your fresh new Easter boots!)

And, if you’re like me, hauling everyone into the stores these days is even more exhausting than before so anything I can order online and have come to my doorstep is fantastic!

For each set of Easter boots:

A book (either themed with their boot pattern or something that particular child is especially into right now, often these are the same!)

This year, I got my five year old son 101 Things to Do in a Woodshed as he LOVES inventing and creating. This coordinated nicely with his construction themed mud boots! For my unicorn obsessed daughter, I got her a little book of unicorn stories to go with her unicorn mud boots. My dino loving two year old is getting a book called Dinosaurs are Not Extinct to go with his bright new dinosaur boots!

Games or toys to do either alone or with their sibling/s or family members.

I usually try to make one semi-educational so we can incorporate it into our schooling. This year, I chose a rainbow spoon and eggs balancing game (perfect for Easter with the eggs!) and a rainbow set of magnetic wands with rainbow colored counting discs. The discs have steel rings so they cling to the wands. (And yes, we are obsessed with rainbows at my house!) The play silks I used for decorating the boots will lend themselves to countless hours of indoor and outdoor creative play!

A stuffy, or item of clothing for adventuring in
We are all obsessed with wolves, and so this year each one of my kiddos is getting a wolf stuffy hat to wear for adventures and use for pretend play. Awooooo!

Things to use while outdoors exploring in their new boots
I tucked a magnifying glass into each set of boots to use on our adventures, in past years I’ve added sunhats, adventure bags, butterfly nets and binoculars.

A treat or snack
This year they each got a lollipop and Cliff bar to take on our Easter day hike!
I hope this list helps get your creative juices flowing! Remember it doesn’t take much to fill these rain boot Easter baskets, and the kids will love them!




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