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Tabby Powell

Creating for LONE CONE since 2016.

Her Story

Hi! I am Tabby Powell, mother of 2 spunky little girls, and wife to an awesome bearded guy named Matt. I do Waldorf inspired homeschooling and we live in Idaho. My blog is named Sunshine and Kewpie because my daughter Paisley is bright and cheery like the sun and Ginger reminds me so much of a Kewpie Doll. I love hiking with my family, puddle jumping with the kiddos, arts and crafts, and cooking. We love getting messy - me and my girls aren’t the type who shy away from mud and dirt. My favorite thing about being a parent is re-living childhood through my kids' eyes. Watching them explore things for the first time is such a treasure; it makes me realize how much I take for granted everyday!

Lone Cone Love

Tabby loves Lone Cone rain boots because her kids can easily put on their own shoes and our boots mean the family can explore outside no matter the weather!

Outdoor Family Adventures

Tabby, her husband, and two little ones spend most of their days outside as a family. Some of their favorite activities include hiking, crafting, camping and geocaching.