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Julia Green

Creating for LONE CONE since 2016.

Artist and illustrator, Julia Green, has been instrumental in LONE CONE’s growth. After all, she’s been bringing our design ideas to life since the launch of our very first run of rain boots. For years now, Julia’s cheery, whimsical style has helped shape who we are as a brand. From Gary the Unicorn to Intergalacti-CAT, Julia is the artistic talent behind some of our longest running, best-loved patterns.

Like many artists, Julia can’t remember a time when she wasn’t the creative type. It took until 2008, however, before she started working as an illustrator professionally. She draws inspiration from a lot of sources, but she leans on her collection of vintage and contemporary children’s books to drum up ideas and help slip into the imaginative mindset little kids tend to have. If she’s starting from

scratch, she asks herself, “What are some of the silliest and goofiest things I can think of and draw?” Then she says she challenges herself to take that idea and make it ten times sillier. We recently asked Julia to share what it’s like to be part of the LONE CONE family. “Honestly, she says, “there is no better job in the world than being someone who gets to draw cats as astronauts, raccoons splashing in puddles, and snacky army men all day long. I love that LONE CONE is just as excited as I am to bring my work to life.”

And we absolutely are! You can learn more about Julia on her website, and you can find her artwork on our rain boots, backpacks, and more on our Amazon storefront.