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School's Out - Now What?

Posted by Kelsey McCormick on
Most of us remember the thrill of the last day of school -- no more early mornings, no more assignments, just an open expanse of time destined to be filled with good friends, sunshine, and adventures. That time has arrived for kids all across the country, and no doubt they're ready to dive into vacation headfirst. For parents, however, summer can pose something of a challenge. A majority of jobs don't break for summer, chores don't finish themselves, and kiddos with a surplus of time on their hands will eventually (and undoubtedly) utter, "I'm borrrrrred." Thankfully, we've got some tips to help you and your family make the most of this summer. As it turns out, a little planning goes a long way.

Keep Them Busy
Fight the boredom blues with camp. No matter where you live, there are likely an abundance of summer programs available to keep kids occupied during the day. These days, there are options tailored to just about any interest, from sports to STEM, theater to crafting, and everything in between. Check in with your local library, Parks and Recreation Department, as well as community and cultural centers like museums to find the perfect match for your child's interests. They'll make new friends and develop new skills and you'll be able to focus on whatever tasks need to get done so you can spend quality time when they wrap up for the evening.

Our play proof backpacks are the perfect camp accessory, offering plenty of room for everything they need for a fun-filled day. Available in more than a dozen one-of-a-kind patterns designed by our local illustrators, you won't have to worry about your kid grabbing the wrong bag when it's time to head home.

Embrace the Stay-Cation

Big adventures don't have to take place far afield and meaningful summertime memories can be made in your very own backyard. Swimming holes, nature trails, and farmers' markets all make for fun day trips that won't break the bank. You can also keep a Summer Fun basket loaded with squirt guns, water balloons, sidewalk chalk, and other classic outdoor toys by the door to encourage the kids to trade screen time for outside time -- no travel required. And if you need a quiet night to yourself, pitch a tent in the backyard and let the kids have an outdoor slumber party. Make a game of packing their backpack with all the essentials for 'roughing it' and use it as an opportunity to teach kids how to prepare for your next family camping trip.

Do your kids get hangry? (Let's be honest, we all get hangry from time to time...) Pack our double-insulated lunchbox full of healthy snacks and treats to fuel their summer fun. Our reusable, machine-washable lunch bags have been completely revamped to be even more durable and now have a nifty buckle handle that frees your hands by letting you clip it to a backpack -- perfect for hiking to your family's favorite outdoor picnic spot.

Road Trip Without the Whine
Heading out of town? Enjoy the ride and get to your destination without the kids asking, "Are we there yet?" with a well-stocked 'busy bag'. Our backpacks include a tablet sleeve for an iPad or eReader, which is also just the right size for coloring books or crossword puzzles -- not to mention a change of clothes, water bottle, wet wipes and, for those long winding roads, barf bags. If that sounds gross, well, let us just say from experience that what's really gross is not having one when it's needed.

If you need a little extra room to stretch out in the car, leave the backpacks at home and use our lunchboxes as a 'busy bag' instead. They're perfect for crayons or colored pencils, a favorite toy or two, Mad Lib books, and smaller tablets.

Whatever adventures you've got planned, we hope that by the time your summer comes to a close you have lots of cherished memories, tons of awesome photos, and no sunburns or bug bites!

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