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Resolve to Let Them Loose in 2019

Posted by Kelsey McCormick on

As we say goodbye to 2018, the team at LONE CONE asked ourselves how we can embody our mission to encourage kids to get outside more often in 2019. It’s been fun talking with each other about our favorite places and activities, and dreaming up ways to share them with the special kiddos in our lives. From introducing desert dwellers to the snowy mountains of Idaho to making the most of the backyard, find out how the folks here at LONE CONE plan to nurture the next generation’s love of nature this year.

Last year LONE CONE founder, Annalisa, succeeded in getting all three of her kids on the bunny hill for the first time. The next goalpost is helping the whole gang develop the skills and confidence to tackle their first intermediate ski trail. One might expect 7-year-old Adelaine to lead the pack, but it’s 6-year-old Abigail who’s first to dive into new challenges (5-year-old Abe is never far behind her). Annalisa is both coach and team player, who finds that encouraging her children to push themselves as athletes helps her to do the same. One of the most effective motivators for the whole family? Hot cocoa in the lodge to celebrate their hard work at the end of the day.

LONE CONE’s Chief Marketing Officer, Diane, (whose kids are now in college) used to get everyone outside by making "front yard sledding" a daily activity in her household. Although she’s not one to brag, the whole family practically qualified as sledding royalty in her neighborhood. Even when they didn’t make the trip to one of the local hills, they kept up their speedy skills with a bit of homegrown innovation. Snow from the driveway was shoveled into a custom sledding course, complete with jumps, twists, and turns. She says keeping the sleds and snow boots by the door made it easy for her kids, Nika and Chase, to zip out for a quick sled run multiple times a day (and they did!).


Emily, LONE CONE Purchasing Manager, is seemingly always on the move. From the first snow to the last, you’ll find her racing down the slopes of Bogus Basin Ski Area. When things warm up, she satisfies her need for speed training for and running in the annual Race to Robie Creek, Boise’s iconic half marathon. While it may be a few years before 1.5-year-old nephew, Marshall, joins the race, Emily is nurturing his love of the outdoors with the gift she gave him this Christmas—his very own pint-sized sleeping bag. With an aunt like Emily, there’s no doubt Marshall will grow into an avid and daring outdoor enthusiast!

LONE CONE Product Line Manager, avid hiker, and Cool Aunt Extraordinaire, Pari loves sharing her favorite trails with her nieces and nephews whenever they visit from Arizona. Because Shaan and Kaya live where it doesn’t snow, it’s a true joy for them to come to Idaho in the winter. This Christmas, Pari got them each a pair of snowshoes for their upcoming trip in January. And for little Hayli, age 2, there’s a brand new pair of LONE CONE snow boots ready to keep her cozy while she builds her first-ever snowman in just a few weeks!

Karen, LONE CONE’s Supply Chain Manager, is a Jill-of-all-trades when it comes to outdoor recreation. From skiing to rock climbing, and swimming to mountain biking, she’s the definition of an active mom. Karen’s kids, 11-year-old Sydney and 9-year-old Nick, inherited her thirst for adventure, which she fuels by keeping her house stocked with plenty of outdoor gear. Their yard sports a trampoline and a slackline that provide hours of fun for the whole family. Years ago, Karen promised herself she wouldn’t let go of her hobbies just because she has kids. By keeping that promise, she and her children have been rewarded with tons of fun, lasting memories from the backyard to the backcountry.

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