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Let the Games Begin!

Posted by Kelsey McCormick on
If your kids are anything like ours they are all-in for the Olympics. Watching the events is certainly fun, but we’ve collected some ideas to bring the games to life for our kiddos beyond the screens. There are so many creative ways to celebrate with kids out there - read on for a few of our faves!
Opening Ceremonies Party
The opening ceremonies are always beautiful and inspiring to watch. Plus, they offer kids a glimpse into the many cultures and countries participating. So if you’re sitting down to watch with your kiddos you really don’t need much, but we love the idea of this patriotic charcuterie board from our Ambassador @twolittletaylors. All you need is fresh fruit, salami or pepperoni, and a star-shaped cookie cutter to make little cheese stars!
To give the kids a little taste of some of the events you can create your own kid-friendly shot put event with just a little bit of aluminum foil. Grab a little section, ball it up, and have them take turns throwing it as far as they can. They can even grab a tape measure and do the measurements themselves for a little summer math lesson. Timed sprints are always fun too, and easy to set up pretty much anywhere!
Something Sweet
If they’ve put in the effort on their mini-games your kids might need a little snack after. These team USA colored rice krispy treat pops are the perfect afternoon snack. And - they’re easy to make too. All you need is a little food coloring and some good old fashioned popsicle sticks! Get the full details here!
Make At Home Medals
You can make these adorable medals with air dry clay or even salt dough - up to you! Roll out your preferred dough, be sure to make a ribbon hole (straws work really well for this), and use a round cookie cutter to have the kids create their own Olympic rings. Let them air dry overnight and paint them with gold, silver or bronze paint. Once the paint is dry you can loop a little ribbon through the hole and you’ve got your own sweet little medal keepsakes. You can even hold your own medal ceremony after hosting some backyard games!
The excitement is building and the games are almost here. Hopefully these simple ideas help you and your family celebrate, and make some memories you can cherish for years to come. And, if you’ve got your own creative ideas planned please add them to the comments here so everyone can enjoy them!

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