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Creative Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day

Posted by Kelsey McCormick on

It's hard to believe it's already May and most of us have been staying at home for six weeks or more. At our house, and maybe yours, too, that has meant A LOT of time together, and trying to find balance between family time, personal time, and keeping up with the kids' schooling and our jobs. There is a certain sweetness that comes with this unprecedented togetherness, but I think we can all agree that sheltering in place has everyone a little stir-crazy and, at times, stressed out. Moms are doing more than ever to support their kids and, more than ever, they deserve a break, some pampering, and a whole lot of appreciation.

Thankfully, Mother's Day is coming up on Sunday, May 10 and it's a perfect opportunity to celebrate the mamas in our lives -- even if this year's festivities are a bit different than what we're used to. With many Mother's Day mainstays like dine-in restaurants and spas closed due to coronavirus, we've come up with some creative ideas to help your family make sure Mom still feels the love.

Dedicate a Tree for Mom
Cut flowers are lovely, but they fade. Instead, visit a garden center and pick out a tree or flowering shrub your mom will love. Plant it in the yard and host a dedication ceremony where everyone in the family shares what they love and appreciate about her. With proper care, the plant will grow for many years, serving as a perennial reminder of how much you care. No yard? No problem. Houseplants can be just as wonderful and long-lived. Jade is a great, low-maintenance option. Jasmine and dwarf citrus plants produce abundant, fragrant flowers.

Paint & Sip
Does your mom have a creative streak? Host a family paint-n-sip night at home! Pour a glass of wine for mom and dad (serve grape juice for the kids) and break out those brushes. There are plenty of online resources that offer free print-and-trace designs, or you can tune into a video tutorial for step-by-step instruction. At the end of the night, each family member will have their own matching painting. Hang them all together for a fun gallery display.

In-Home Fine Dining
If your mom is usually the one to cook and wash dishes, give her a well-deserved break! Even if the restaurants in your area are closed for dine-in service, many still offer their full menus for pickup or delivery. Placing a to-go order from her favorite spot is a great way to show her you care, with the added benefit of supporting your local business community during uncertain times. You can make it extra special by ordering her favorite appetizer from one location, an entree from another, and a special desert from somewhere else. Dress up the dining table with a vase of flowers, candles, and cloth napkins to bring the night-out experience in.

Capture the Moment
We're living at a time that will surely make it into the history books. Why not capture the moment with a Mother's Day photoshoot at home? Local photographers could almost certainly use the business and it's a great way to inject a little levity into these trying times. Consider getting the family matching PJs, encourage everyone to wear their quarantine-best (hello messy bun, leggings, and slippers!), or take the opposite approach and go for an all-dressed-up-with-nowhere-to-go vibe. When all of this blows over, you'll have a unique laughter-inducing memento.

Breakfast in Bed
Some things never change, even during a global pandemic. Breakfast in bed is a Mother's Day staple that just so happens to fit the new social distancing norm perfectly. There are tons of easy, kid-friendly recipes online. The night before Mother's Day, offer Mom a menu and take her order, so she gets exactly what she wants. And remember, breakfast in bed is best paired with some extra Z's. Let Mom sleep in and be sure to do the clean up after she finishes her meal.

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