WHEN A Picture is worth a thousand SALES

Slackline Setup.jpg

If a competitor starts outperforming a partner brand, Lone Cone doesn't sit idly by. Case in point: Slackline Industries. Having previously optimized the product page for their Base Line Kit to great effect, Lone Cone prepared for a deep dive that would give us an understanding of its slipping sales rank. We examined other manufacturers' listings, sifted through product reviews, and read users' questions for insight.

We ultimately realized one of the barriers between prospective customers and a Base Line purchase was the misconception that setting up their slackline would be complex, difficult, or time-consuming. Even though the kit ships with instructions, Lone Cone saw an opportunity to improve the shopping experience by providing product education up front. Our graphic designer created a custom graphic illustrating the simple steps for hanging the Base Line, and Lone Cone added it to the product image carousel on Amazon.

Our solution may seem simple, but sometimes simple drives big resultsespecially when it builds trust between customers and a brand and its products. Lone Cone's sleuthing and proactive problem-solving helped Slackline Industries' Base Line Kit take back its place among the best selling slacklines on Amazon. 

We won't name names, but a competitor eventually took notice and put up a very similar graphic on their own listing. We decided to up our graphic game in response, this time optimizing the shopping experience with an A+ Product Page. Click the image below to see the listing in its full, interactive glory on Amazon.


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