Bringing Out the beauty of A brand story

With the upward trend of wooden sunglasses and accessories, Lone Cone wanted to give Proof Eyewear an opportunity to shine on Amazon. We took direction from the rock-solid marketing initiatives apparent in their Boise retail store and on the Proof website, then adapted it to meet Amazon's parameters without compromising the brand's integrity.

Working with the Proof team, Lone Cone's copywriter got familiar with Proof's products, brand story, and voice. Our collaboration consisted of us drafting original copy for Proof's Amazon product pages that would feel like a natural extension of their identity. Then our graphic designer paired a curated selection of Proof's visual assets with the new copy in order to round out the experience. This type of thorough research and attention to detail is just another way Lone Cone fulfills its commitment to genuine partnership and brand-level stewardship.

See the results of our content team's efforts in the before and after shots below, and then check out the complete listing on Amazon.


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