Back to Basics - Summer Bucket List For Kids

When you think back to your favorite summer memories, they probably involve being outside basking in the sunshine, running wild and free. But let’s be honest the struggle to avoid screen time is real - especially during summer break. If we think back to the best times we all had as kids it’s easy to come up with an epic summer bucket list that is sure to jumpstart some serious adventures.

We polled our team for their most cherished summer memories and came up with a short list below that has us itching to get outside and play. Catching fireflies, running through the sprinklers, and biking from sun-up to sundown all made the list but we’d love to hear from you! What are your favorite nostalgic summer memories you like to share with

your kiddos? Add them to the comments here!

  1. Have a sprinkler party

  2. Paint rocks and hide them at the park

  3. Have a backyard campout

  4. Make s’mores over a campfire

  5. Climb a tree

  6. Take a hike or nature stroll

  7. Go fishing

  8. Make popsicles or homemade ice cream

  9. Catch bugs - and if you have them fireflies!

  10. Pack a picnic and eat in the backyard or park

  11. Play in a creek (bring your rain boots!)

12. Stargaze and name the constellations

13 Visit the library - most have summer reading challenges!

14. Host a lemonade stand

15. Plant a garden

16. Blow lots of bubbles

17. Ride bikes around the neighborhood

18. Have a water balloon fight

19. Pick wildflowers

20. Catch as many sunsets as you can

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