TEAM CONE keeps growing! Introducing Reed Dettrich, Operations Sherpa

LONECONE is thrilled to announce a new team member, Reed Dettrich, coming to us from Seattle, where he worked in the outdoor industry as an eCommerce merchandiser. Reed’s family is originally from Gooding and when he and his wife, Kerstin, decided to get married, they figured they had had enough of Seattle traffic (I-90 will kill your soul) and made the move back to the homeland. The idea of getting married in Stanley can do that to people.


Kerstin went to work as a construction project manager and Reed walked into the LONECONE shop one day to ask if we had anything available. We were so impressed, we made something available. Reed will now bear the crushing weight of LONECONE’s massive global supply chains to make sure every kid in American can have the Puddle Shuttle Boot or Kikki Backpack they deserve. Do it for America, Reed.