NEMO Salsa and Rhumba Sleeping Bag Review

NEMO Spoon™ Shaped Sleeping Bags with 650fp Downtek in both 15 and 30 Degree Ratings

The NEMO Salsa and women's specific Rhumba are both feature-rich, highly compressible down sleeping bags that offer full NEMO quality at a lower price point than the 4-season Sonic and the 750fp Downtek Nocturne/Rhapsody. NEMO's distinctive Spoon™ Shaped design offers campers an entirely new option in the eternal quest for the perfect sleeping bag. Bounteous extra room around the knees and elbows makes sleeping on your side and stomach a lot more comfortable and the stretch stitching provides 3-4 more inches of expansion for easy rummaging around the tent. NEMO puts a lot of time into their material selection, so the outer shell is DWR treated 30D ripstop nylon, and the inner liner is soft, strong and very cozy.  Salsa/Rhumbas come with NEMO's luxurious blanket fold around the neck and an integrated pillow pocket (invest in a NEMO Fillo Luxury Camp Pillow - You will thank me). A handy watch pocket with an invisible zipper keeps your watch and valuables close at hand.

Our take: The Spoon™ Shape really does provide a ton of room in a unique way. It's just a very different experience from a traditional mummy shaped bag. The cut and sizing of all the Spoon bags are about the same and they are all very comfortable, the materials feel great, and you can tell in the details like stitching, zippers and seams that NEMO pours a lot of effort into their bags. The bright, modern colors NEMO chooses are actually more a reflection of their high-end design thinking than any marketing ploy. It's a fresh take on a crowded category. Using water-resistant Downtek treated down is a good call and will extend the life of the bag significantly without sacrificing weight or compressibility. It also seems like it dries faster. If you want a deep dive on the whole NEMO sleeping bag line and the company's extraordinary efforts to make better products, check out our Complete Guide. It's everything you want to know!

Women’s Specific Bags: Are they really any different? All of NEMO’s Spoon™ shaped bags come with a women’s specific version. Several other bag makers do the same. But other than color scheme, what’s the difference? Well, for NEMO, it means dimensions and measurements more inline with years of feedback from actual female campers. Better dimensions can save you weight with an overall smaller bag and keeps you warmer. It also means a little more insulation in the footbox area. We like them.

See a NEMO Salsa up close: