By Their Gear You Shall Know Them: Kelsey McCormick

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This weekend, my boyfriend and I are taking a trip just beyond Idaho City, Idaho to hike some trails and hangout with wilderness for a bit. We laid out our gear before we packed it all up. Be warned, we’re pretty “minimalist” or “redneck” campers for lack of a better word.

So what do we have here? I’ll start with the simple stuff. The bottom row is all our clothes for the two day, two night excursion. Including base layers, a beanie from The Boardroom, and of course Darn Tough socks from yours truly, LONECONE. A couple backpacks, a couple sleeping bags, pads, chairs, and hammocks (recently we’ve tried hammock camping). We’re also bringing along a tent and collapsible cooler for all our food and goodies. Now, onto the good stuff.

All our camera gear is featured in the middle, right where it should be. A photographer couple, cute, right? But, taking the equipment does double our gear space, and weight. On this trip we are taking both our cameras, a Canon 50D and Canon T2i with three lenses each. He favors his 10-18 mm wide-angle zoom lens, and I can’t seem to get away from my Canon Fisheye. We’ll also be taking our tripods in the hopes of catching that evasive milky way. We pack all of this stuff in our Lowepro camera bags.

What gear do you take camping? Let Team Cone know in the comments and send your pictures to [email protected], tag #loneconeshop in your Instagram post, or a Facebook message. Maybe we’ll feature you next! *I’m winking at you...yes you.*

Hopefully I’ll be back after the weekend with some awesome photos to share.

Safe travels! #GoBeDo