Fatwood is Good Wood: Burning Beard Breaks it All Down

Fatwood. Greasewood. Lighterwood. Whatever it's called, in whatever region it's being referred to, it remains one of the "Holy Trinity" of natural fire starters for woodsmen, worldwide. 

What is Fatwood? Fatwood is, simply, the result of gravity on the sap of a pine tree when all or a portion of that tree have died. The sap (resin) will collect and pool in an area of the tree and impregnate the surrounding wood. It is most commonly found where branches meet the trunk, and just above where the tap root meets the base of the tree. The best places to find Fatwood is in areas that have been logged, or burned. The parts of the tree that are not rich in resin will rot away, leaving behind the Fatwood!

I've noticed a host of fellows that, in their hunt for Fatwood, will wield their Bahco like a crazed Samaria and begin cutting branches off of trees just to try to find it. It doesn't have to be that hard! In this video we're going to look at an easy way to identify and locate Fatwood, without cutting down half a forest to find it. (Hint: it's already on the ground!)

Check it out: