Deuter Groden 32 & 30SL Backpack Review

Picknick-Maschine: The Deuter Gröden Daypack

Deuter backpacks are actually the world's #1 selling backpack with large followings in the company's home country, Germany, and around the globe. A steady innovator in pack design since 1898, Deuter churns out a variety of pack styles from long-range, multi-day hikers to minimalist climbing packs to some truly adorable kid packs complete with teddy bear.

But there's nothing quite like the Gröden 32 & 30SL daypacks.

DAY TRIP CITY: These simple, retro-styled packs are both fun and functional, with a hip belt and full-on Deuter Aircomfort back system to keep your back cool and dry. This is the same trampoline mesh back system Deuter uses for its Futura, Vario and Airlite packs, so while the Gröden may look like a rucksack on the outside, it carries the weight on your shoulders like a modern performance pack. The pack definitely has a different feel than most ~30L capacity daypacks because it is smaller length wise (top to bottom) than most current styles, with most of its carrying capacity in the girth of main compartment and pockets. Most packs with this capacity are far narrower and taller, so be prepared. But people love its nostalgic look and when our team had a chance to review the Groden, the whole thing just screamed PICNIC! Look at all the goodies we packed into it!

That was a good day.