Burning Beard Waxes Philosophic. Then Helps You Build a No Fuss Tinder Bundle.

Part of the fun of bushcrafting is in the process.

We enjoy taking the time to create things and gather and process materials off of the landscape, in order to achieve an end result. Sometimes we make things harder than they have to be. Hard to believe, I know! Rather than pack a spoon from the house, we take great joy from spending an hour carving one out of a log! Instead of bringing a tent that takes 5 minutes to set up, we prefer to spend an hour gathering poles and sticks and lashing them together to create a lean-to-shelter. Tent stakes? Carve them... Because bringing half a dozen ultra light aluminum stakes is too easy.

When it comes to flint and steel fire, we'll spend a lot of time locating and processing materials to make a textbook tinder bundle. Find the dry grass. Locate inner bark from a downed tree. Spend time shredding and breaking down the fibers of said bark to obtain the optimal textures and achieve "fine, medium, and course materials". What if you could just pick up a ready to go tinder bundle off the ground? What if it only took 30 seconds to locate, gather and process a highly effective tinder bundle for your flint and steel fire? 

In this video we will look at a no muss, no fuss tinder bundle to get your fire going quickly...