Boise Bushcrafters Burning Beard and Beardless Olivia Join the LONECONE Lineup!*

The Bushcrafting Gods have Blessed Our Endeavor

All of us here at the Conestyle Review are thrilled to introduce Andrew Chappell and his daughter, Olivia, to the Radio Free Bushcraft line-up! Andrew and Olivia are dedicated students of the craft and have been running a wonderful YouTube channel for almost a year.  In the midst of all the hurry, hubbub and hullabaloo getting our downtown store open, Andrew just wandered in one day to check us out. After about an hour of wise and wide-ranging woodsy conversation, and a trip back to the truck to retrieve his bug-out bag and bush kit for our inspection, we can tell you that Andrew is 100% LEGIT. All caps. That bounteous burning beard isn't just for looks.

Here is Andrew and his bodacious beard checking out the classic Bushcraft Essentials Bushox pocket hobo stove. It's one of our favorites as well. Please check back regularly for his posts here at the RFB for all kinds of bushcrafting tips, tricks and tactics. We have no doubt that Bushcrafting Valhalla awaits this worthy warrior of woodcraft. Burning Beard, We salute you!


*WARNING: HIGH-DENSITY ALLITERATION ALERT. LONECONE cannot be held responsible for the abundant alliterative aspects of this post. If you have an alliteration allergy or Stylistic Syntax Syndrome (SSS) for which alliteration avoidance has been recommend by your physician, PLEASE DO NOT PARTAKE.