Blue Lake, Idaho: Just Hike It

If you don't have time for a hike, you have time for this hike. Last weekend we hiked down into Blue Lake, right outside of Cascade, Idaho. The hike into the lake took about 20 minutes, tops! It probably took us the same time to hike around the lake as it did to get down the mountain. That's why you have time for this hike. No excuses, please. Oh and don't worry, the short hiking time doesn't take away from the beauty! This little place is a serious gem. Let me show you in a nice, chronological fashion:

The Trail:

To get to the trailhead, you've got to drive up some bumpy roads. They bring you to the top of this gorgeous hill. It looks pretty nice in the morning sun.


Just past this point is the trailhead, where there are spaces to park and other areas available for camping. It's pretty spacious, and gives you good space to get your gear ready. The actual hike is done on a well trodden dirt trail that goes pretty steeply down hill, but not too steep that I ever lost my footing in tennis shoes. It then levels out for the last five or so minutes of the hike. And after about twenty minutes we were there! I kind of felt like the Flash, no lie. You will too.

The Lake:

This lake is gorgeous! It's also packed with activity. Mainly during the day. There is cliff jumping and swimming, fishing, and endless mountains to climb around the area.

Only the most strong at heart stayed the night, and that's us, along with only a few other groups. We had hiked in our handy hammocks, and camping gear. I brought in tow my hammock and good ol' co-worker Karen let me try out her Nemo Fusion 20º and Kovea Solo 3 (which is currently out of stock so check this superlight titanium stove out). Both of which were awesome.

It was a pretty chilly night, I definitely didn't want to get out of the bag. And in the morning, the weather rained us out :( icy raindrops just aren't worth it sometimes ya know? But, by the time we had made the steep accent, the storm had blown over and the lake looked pretty nice. Next time, I'll probably try to brave the storm and enjoy Blue Lake even more.

Oh, and here's me with my Deuter ACT Lite 45+10 SL. Woo woo! It was my first time using it along with the Deuter 3L Streamer Bladder and it was amazing! Highly recommend.


I hope after reading this, you really do go check out Blue Lake, it's completely worth it.