Basic Bushcrafting Knives

Bushcraft has become a common term as of late when referring to Wilderness Skills. Other terms such as Woodscraft and Woodsmanship have also become common in reference to the study of skills to help one become self reliant in a wilderness environment. The elitists among us will argue semantics over these terms and try to define it as something more than what it is. Quite simply, these Wilderness Crafting skills are all about doing more with less and enjoying a connection with the outdoors.

Craft enthusiasts will sometimes become gear junkies, and find themselves in a never ending quest for the "best" (insert tool name here). While the gear is important, it is the skills behind them that are the soul of Buchcraft. Owning the skills and the knowledge will ultimately decide the success of your endeavors. 

In this video we will look at 3 common "bushcraft blades", that cost less than $50. We will talk about some differences, process some wood, and ignite char cloth with nothing more than the knife and a stone.