4 Fab Camping Cocktails for Your Fall Campfires

Camping Cocktails: Special Whiskey Edition!

As the days grow shorter and the nights colder, do not despair my camping friends. There is still plenty of time for some shoulder season camping here in the Northwest, if for no other reason than to break out those winter jackets we’ve neglected for too many months (a painful sacrifice for all true gear junkies).

TEAM CONE found these four simple camping cocktails that are perfect for chilly jacket-ensconced, slow-sipping conversations by the fire. No fancy ingredients required for these whiskey-based recipes. They are all things that you can easily take along camping and use up in a number of ways. Especially the whiskey. Salut and enjoy the change of season!

Honey Sour

Tart, sweet and boozy with honey substituting for simple syrup in this version of the Whiskey Sour. Mix ingredients, stir with your handy camp spork, and serve over ice if available. No ice? Chill the whiskey and warm the honey & lemon juice. Mix the honey with the juice first to get a good solution going, then add to cold whiskey. Improvise, adapt and overcome.

     2 ounces whiskey (Our recommendation: Pendleton)

     1 ounce freshly squeezed lemon juice

     1 ounce honey

Hot Toddy

Warm the hands and the heart with this highly mug-huggable classic. Great for sipping at the end of the day.

     Juice from ¼ lemon

     1 tablespoon honey

     2 ounces whiskey (For boozy: Knob Creek. For sweeter: 8 Feathers Vanilla Bean)

Ginger Highball


Ginger Ale replaces seltzer in this British-y kind of drink served best with ice. Highballs get their name from the tall glasses they are traditionally served in, but this is a simple, refreshing mixed drink that works just fine in a titanium insulated mug or mason jar.

      2 ounces whiskey (Our recommendation: Koenig Seven Devils Straight Bourbon)

      2-3 ounces ginger ale

      3 lemon slices

Irish Coffee

Coffee, meet whiskey. Whiskey meet coffee. Nothing hard about that, but medium and light roasts just seem to work better in this drink. Use heavy cream or heavy whipping cream where the milk fat is about 36%. Whipped cream optional on top. Whipped cream with dark chocolate shavings for the supreme win. It’s all worth it.

     2.5 ounces coffee

     1.5 ounces whiskey (Try Bushmills for a little change. It’s still Irish and it’s very good)

     ½ ounce cream

Try one in a unique Kupilka mug. Product of Finland.


Kupilka Cup