Taking down returns with ElevatEd Merchandising

Selling footwear on Amazon poses unique challenges, especially when it comes to specialty footwear like rock climbing shoes. Because the fit of a climbing shoe is not necessarily reflected by its sizing, nor standard across different brands or styles, the barrier to online purchases is already high and, even when purchases are made, returns are common. Lone Cone and La Sportiva agreed, however, that these obstacles were no reason to back away. 

The Katana Lace is a popular La Sportiva climbing shoe. To maximize sales and minimize returns, Lone Cone began by updating the product listing with details meant to assist shoppers in understanding how the Katana Lace should fit, as well as what to expect from this particular model. We also made sure its differentiating features were explained well enough to provide the context necessary to compare the Katana Lace with similar products.

Lone Cone's original copy is tailored to La Sportiva's target audience. Our goal was to answer the most common questions people ask when choosing a high performance climbing shoe, using the same language as those in the climbing community.


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