A busy mom with a big idea.

Meet Annalisa

Hi! I'm Annalisa, founder of LONE CONE.


As a mother of three, shopping online is nearly a necessity. I love finding products that perfectly fit my kids' personalities, knowing they will arrive at my door in just a few days. It’s so much easier than loading all the kids into the car, guiding them through a crowded store, and dealing with sock aisle tantrums (we’ve all been there, right?). 

But...all too often - once a product is out of its box - it’s obvious that the manufacturer’s claims were just marketing fluff. To keep prices low, they skimped on quality materials, functional features, or both. I’ve received stiff, boxy jackets, shoes with zero tread, and winter gear so bulky and hard to put on that it was a workout every time. Even products that didn’t initially disappoint would rarely last a season.


Fed up with being let down, I decided to create my own line of kids' apparel and accessories specifically designed for ages 3-7 that is adorable, kid-usable, AND durable. To be sure, my kids have put all of our products through their paces. From the sledding hill to the fishing hole, and from the campground to the city park, life in Idaho gives us lots of opportunities to test them out!

I hope you find our products are easy to use, easy to clean, and even easier to love!

Meet the Family



Ken is the peanut butter to Annalisa's jelly. A master of the Dad Joke, he has a wit that's sharp and a heart that's soft. An Idaho native, he loves introducing the kids to all his favorite childhood places.



Adelaine, the oldest, is a true first-born: eager to please, confident, and leading from the front. Her arrival rocked Ken and Annalisa’s world and made them rethink their relationship to outdoor adventure.



Abigail is the middle kid and she strives to be the opposite of her sister. Luckily, this has manifested as a wonderfully creative personality. Abigail loves nature and has an knack for finding insects to keep as "pets”.



Abraham is Ken and Annalisa's youngest. He loves to be in the spotlight and his goofball antics have earned him the nickname 'Ham'. He's the one you can count on to make you laugh anytime you're feeling down.

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Kids in the


Annalisa and Ken moved back to Ken's home state of Idaho to raise their kids where there are plenty of opportunities to get outside.

They have learned that backcountry adventures with kids require some additional planning and reliable gear. Find out what the family packs to ensure a comfortable, fun time for one and all.