Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is FBA?

FBA stands for “Fulfilled by Amazon”. Lone Cone has its own warehouse from which we manage shipments to Amazon for customer order fulfillment. You get to treat Lone Cone like any other retailer (i.e. we order directly from you, you ship directly to us) and we take care of all the rest, including freight, returns, and other logistics.

+ What is Brand Registry?

Brand Registry formally signals to Amazon that Lonecone is authorized to represent your brand on the Amazon marketplace. This enables us to manage and control product listing content, as well as take advantage of advertising opportunities, such as Enhanced Brand Content. Brand Registry does not restrict others from selling your products nor setting retail pricing.

+ What is FBA Exclusivity?

When you grant us FBA Exclusivity, it means Lone Cone is the only authorized reseller of your products on Amazon. Exclusivity affords us even greater opportunity to maintain the integrity of your brand's presence across the marketplace. With FBA Exclusivity, Lone Cone is better able to deliver actionable insights based on marketplace trends and competitor research because, as the sole FBA reseller, the data we gather gives a more accurate, more complete picture of your marketplace performance.

+ What Does it Cost?

Nothing. We could charge market rates for the services we provide -- $1000 for just one optimized listing, plus hundreds or thousands more for custom analytics, supply chain management, and MAP violation tracking -- but we don't. Why? Because we are not a marketing agency.

We are outdoor retailers above all else, and we happen to also be Amazon experts. Unlike agencies that don't always deliver on their promises, and unlike FBAs who have little stake in your brand, Lone Cone understands the nuance of selling on Amazon and its effects on the rest of your retail ecosystem.

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