Deuter: Making a bestseller even better

Deuter's Kid Comfort III, a high-end child carrier, is a perennial bestseller. Lone Cone had already optimized the Amazon listing and continued to make incremental revisions based on keyword research and data analytics as part of our ongoing partnership with Deuter.

Lone Cone wanted to see if we could make the Kid Comfort III even more successful. Enter Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), a merchandising tool available to certain Amazon sellers that allows you to beautify product pages with additional photos, graphics, and copy. Lone Cone's in-house creative team built out a gorgeous and informative EBC page for the Kid Comfort III, taking every opportunity to deliver a satisfying experience for Deuter's customers. When the EBC was published, sales began to ratchet up and there was much rejoicing.

Check out the Kid Comfort III product listing and scroll down the page to see the fruits of our labor.

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