Badlands: Going ExcLusive for the win

Lone Cone has been selling Badlands gear for a long time. Things started off slow; we were one of several Amazon retailers. But as time went by Badlands saw the results of our work, we agreed to go steady. As Badlands' exclusive Amazon reseller, we've taken tons of opportunities to take their marketplace performance to the next level. From photoshoots to custom copywriting to targeted multichannel ad campaigns, Lone Cone is continuously working to elevate the Badlands brand and gear. 

Lone Cone recently began publishing Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) for some of Badlands' most popular products. EBC, a merchandising tool available to certain Amazon sellers, lets us zero in on the features that have earned Badlands its reputation as the go-to source of top-of-the-line hunting gear. In the case of the newest Badlands Exo Jacket, our EBC really hit the mark. Days after it went live, the item's Amazon sales rank plummeted. And when it comes to sales rank, plummeting is a good thing. The lower the rank, the more popular the product is among other items in the same category. Heck yes!

Exo Jacket Chart.jpg


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