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All-Season Guarantee

products Made to Play ALL YEAR


LONE CONE is proud to be the only outdoor children’s apparel brand to offer an All-Season Guarantee.

We understand that busy parents have plenty of things to worry about. We believe your child’s apparel shouldn’t be one of them. That’s why our products are tested by the world’s most rigorous inspectors: real live kids, ages 3 to 6, with lots of energy to spare.

Our clothing, footwear, and accessories must survive over 100 hours of active play before going into full production. You can trust our reinforced seams, straps, closures, knees and other high-wear areas to hold up to every day's adventures!

Every LONE CONE product has been developed in partnership with our Moms Advisory Panel, a network of mothers of young children, just like you. These women participate in focus groups, product trials, and consumer surveys designed to help LONE CONE refine every detail of every item we make. Their feedback and insight is applied throughout our product development process to ensure we deliver what parents care about most: quality, ease of use, durability, safety, and attractiveness.


We guarantee our products to withstand your child’s rugged play throughout the season. If within one year of purchase your child’s LONE CONE item no longer functions as intended, please complete and return this form for a free replacement.

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What qualifies for product replacement?
We will replace an item should a seam rip, closure no longer function, a handle detaches, a strap breaks, or a knee or an elbow gives way to a hole as a result of normal wear and tear. Our guarantee does NOT cover tear or damage caused by improper use.

What is the timeframe?
If within 30 days of delivery, customers must request any return or replacements directly through Amazon’s return process. After 30 days and within one year of delivery, product replacement requests must be sent directly to LONE CONE.

Can I get cash in lieu of product?
After 30 days, cash refunds will not be provided unless the exact item is no longer available. If a product is returned within 30 days through Amazon, cash will be refunded via original form of payment.

Can I get a replacement product in a larger size?
No. Replacements are for the item and size originally purchased.

Do I have to provide proof of purchase?
Yes, customers must have proof of purchase in order for LONE CONE to honor the replacement.

How do I request a replacement?
To submit a warranty claim, please fill out the Claim Form linked to this page. If your product qualifies for replacement, your item will be sent within 14 business days at no cost to you. If your product does not qualify, we will let you know why and a replacement will not be sent.

How do I know if my product qualifies for replacement?
If you are unsure if your product qualifies for replacement, please email us at [email protected] and send us a photo of your item.


Bought the wrong size? Changed your mind? No worries, we understand. Items shipped from can be returned up to 30 days after delivery. Follow these instructions to initiate a return.