The greatest ideas are born out of collaboration. That's why LONE CONE has enlisted a vibrant community of parents to participate in our product development process. The Moms Advisory Panel (MAP) empowers us to deliver on our promise to build the best outdoor products for toddlers and young children. Here are just a few ways the MAP helps make a good thing better:

  • Input on upcoming products, features, and designs.

  • Exclusive pre-launch product demos and evaluation.

  • Post-launch product trials and honest reviews.

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Who is eligible for the Moms Advisory Panel?
The panel is open to moms and dads living in the U.S., with children ages 3-6, who shop online for their kid’s outdoor clothing.

What does a panelist do?
The majority of requests will involve submitting input via online surveys. There will also be periodic opportunities to complete product demos, trials, and reviews. Product demos and trials may require logging information and taking photos. Sample products will be provided at no cost to participating panelists.

What's in it for me?
For every 3 requests completed, panelists will receive their choice of any LONE CONE brand product for free.

I'm interested, but don't know how much time I can devote to panel activities. Can I still apply?
Absolutely! The type and complexity of requests is varied, ranging from short online surveys to entended product testing. Panelists get to choose which requests they want to complete based on the amount of time they have available. Panelists always have the option to 'pass' on a request.

How often will I be expected to participate?
The need for panel input changes throughout the year, depending on where we are in a product's lifecycle. Each panelist can expect to receive an invitation to participate several times each year. Panelists may choose to complete as many or as few requests as they wish.

What if I can no longer serve on the panel?
Panel seats can be given up at anytime. We ask that participants let us know when they no longer want to participate, so we can update our mailing lists. If you are no longer able to serve as a panelist, LONE CONE will provide a finder’s fee of $20 if you recruit another eligible parent to fill your slot.

Put Yourself on the MAP!

We are looking for moms (and dads!) to join our Advisory Panel who:

  • Have children ages 3-6 that wear shoe sizes 3T to 1

  • Shop online for their kids’ clothing, shoes, and accessories

If this sounds like you and you’re interested in a spot on the Panel, we want to hear from you!

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