Meet the community helping to shape the future of LONE CONE.


The greatest ideas are born out of collaboration. That's why LONE CONE has enlisted a vibrant community of parents to participate in our product development process. The Moms Advisory Panel (MAP) empowers us to deliver on our promise to build the best outdoor products for toddlers and young children. Here are just a few ways the MAP helps make a good thing better:​

Input on upcoming products, features, and designs.



Pre-launch product demos and evaluation. 

Extensive product testing and honest feedback.



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Alison Espindola

Alison is a yoga instructor and a mom of three kids, ages 10, 5, and 2. Alison's family loves to go on "nice" walks (as her 5-year-old calls them) and family-friendly hikes.


"When we are walking or hiking we always look for good rocks to collect and later paint, or fun sticks and pine cones. Really anything that catches the kid’s eyes! "

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Stephanie Meyet

Stephanie is married to her best friend, Greg, and is a mom of four kids, ages 11, 9, 7, and 5. She works part time as a teacher. Stephanie's family loves to have kitchen dance parties and explore the outdoors.


"We love living in Boise where the outdoors in always in the backyard."

Shaylee Healy

Shaylee is the mother of two little boys, 3-year-old Charlie and 1-year-old Patrick. She and her husband, Matt, live in Boise.


"Our family loves to ride bikes when the weather is nice!"

Kezia McNab

Kezia is mama to three little ones, two boys, ages 2 and 4, and a 4-month-old daughter. She and her husband love to travel and explore as a family. 

“We go on outdoor adventures around Boise every Friday with our nature homeschool co-op. We love to hike, splash, and learn as we explore a different theme each week.”

Bethany Tolman

Bethany is mama to 3 boys—ages 7, 4, and 2—and a baby girl. Even with her hands full, she and the family make time for biking riding, fishing, gardening, snowboarding and more.

“We LOVE the outdoors and the way we bond and learn when we spend time together there.”


Geriann Markwell

Geriann is studying Business IT & Management at Western Governors University and is a mom of two kids, 6-year-old Amelia and 4-year-old Owen. She lives in Nampa, Idaho with husband, Bob,

"We love playing disc golf, working in our garden and taking care of our chickens."


Tanya Gordon

Tanya is mom to 5-year-old Katie Jane. She, her husband, and little Katie love to get outside and play. Living in Idaho makes it easy to do just that.


"We love to go fishing, camping and skiing!"

Charissa Thompson

Charissa is mom to 3-year-old Joseph, who loves all things dinosaur-related. They live in Boise and frequently participate in LONE CONE photoshoots.

"We love spending time at the park and the zoo."

Katie Mason

Katie is a mom of three kiddos, ages 4, 5, and 6. She is a native Idahoan and currently teaches 1st grade. 

“We love to hike, ski, spend time at our cabin, paddle board, and travel globally.”

Erica Batt

Erica Batt is the mom to 3 kids. Prior to being a stay at home mom, Erica taught junior high and high school english. 

"Being born and raised in the Boise area, Idaho has everything my family loves to do: from hiking in the foothiills, to snowboarding and snow shoeing in McCall, white water rafting, camping and backpacking; anything that gets us outdoors. We also enjoy traveling and seeing the world."


Thanks for submitting!

We are looking for moms (and dads!) to join our Advisory Panel who:

  • Have children ages 3-6 that wear shoe sizes 4T to 1.

  • Shop online for their kids’ clothing, shoes, and accessories.


If this sounds like you and you’re interested in a spot on the Panel, we want to hear from you!