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Finally! Outdoor Clothing for kids 3-6.





Hi! I’m Annalisa, the founder of LONE CONE.

As a mother of three, shopping online is nearly a necessity. I love finding the outfit that perfectly fits my child’s personality, knowing it will arrive at my door in just a few days. It’s so much easier than loading all the kids into the car, guiding them through a crowded store, and dealing with sock aisle tantrums (we’ve all been there, right?). And then there’s the satisfaction of seeing my little ones’ faces light up when they see that their new clothes have their “favoritest” thing on them -- dinosaurs, owls, and race cars, at the moment.

All too often, though, once a product is out of its box, it’s obvious that the manufacturer’s claims were just marketing fluff. To keep prices low, they skimped on quality materials, functional features, or both. I’ve received stiff, boxy jackets, sneakers with insufficient tread, and jeans with pockets so small they wouldn’t even fit a folded dollar bill. Even products that didn’t initially disappoint would rarely last a season.

Fed up with being let down, I decided to create my own line of kids' outdoor apparel specifically designed for ages 3-6 that is adorable, kid-usable, AND durable.


Causes for Celebration

Your child’s first fishing trip. Building sandcastles. Learning to ride a bike. Finding a salamander under an overturned rock.

For children and parents alike, many of life’s best memories are made outside. That’s why LONE CONE supports the work of organizations that provide kids and families with better access to the outdoors

  • Boise Urban Garden School

  • Boys & Girls Club of Ada County

  • Boise Parks & Recreation Department

  • The Peregrine Fund’s World Center for Birds of Prey

  • Zoo Boise


Timeless Designs



Inspired by some of our favorite family memories, as well as our kids’ ever-evolving interests, LONE CONE’s prints celebrate the timeless charm of childhood. Each new pattern embodies the playfulness, wonder, and fun your little one experiences every day.

How does LONE CONE come up with such fun patterns? With the help of our friends! We collaborate with talented illustrators right here in our hometown of Boise, Idaho to create truly one-of-a-kind designs.

Featured Artist

Julia Green


I am an illustrator and cute animal enthusiast, born and raised here in Boise, ID. My art has been described as a mix of soft feelings and humor which explains a lot since I laugh while I work and cry when I watch baby animal videos. I get so much joy creating artwork that inspires children to play and have fun. I would like to think that folks enjoy looking at my work just as much as I love creating it. Honestly, there is no better job in the world than being someone who gets to draw cats as mermaids, raccoons splashing in puddles, and snacky army men all day long. I love that Lone Cone is just as excited as I am to bring my work to life.